Trial by Jury / The Contrabandista

28 February – 1 March 2014
Riverhead Theatre, Louth

TrialContra PosterOur first Louth production of our 10th anniversary season was a gala double-bill of two early Sullivan operas: The Contrabandista and Trial by Jury. 

Trial by Jury, the second opera that Gilbert and Sullivan wrote together and their first major success, tells the story of Angelina, a jilted bride who is suing her former fiancé Edwin for breach of promise to marry. The odds seem stacked against Edwin, as the Judge and Jury have fallen under the spell of winsome Angelina – but who will win her heart?

The Contrabandista, written by Sullivan with librettist FC Burnand (who also worked with Sullivan on Cox and Box) is set in the mountains of Spain, where the Ladrones, a troupe of bandits, are mourning the capture and execution of their leader. They cannot decide on who should become the new chieftain, not least because the chief also has to marry Inez di Roxas, the formidable bandit queen. By Ladrone tradition, an ambush is set and the first person to walk into the trap becomes the new chieftain. Enter one Mr Adolphus Grigg, a hapless (and lost) English traveller who is captured in the ambush and forced at gunpoint to assume the leadership and, with it, the terrifying Inez…

With a hugely enjoyable gala reception with the cast and audience on the Saturday night, we started our Louth season in style.


The Contrabandista
Sancho (1st Lieutenant of the Ladrones) – Tony Bannister
José (2nd Lieutenant of the Ladrones)  – Sebastian Junemann
Inez de Roxas (Chieftaness of the Ladrones) – Laura Jamie Anstice-Pim
Juanita (a Ladrone) – Lucy Harrold
Rita (an English lady, engaged to Count Vasquez) – Bee Bradley
Count Vasquez (Captain of the Guard) – David Anstice-Pim
Adolphus Grigg (an English tourist) – Chris Cann
A Spanish Officer – Robert Felstead
Chorus of Ladrones – Elena Baker, Juliet Crissell, Laurence Crutchlow, Helena Culliney, Rebekah Engeler, Lucy Harrold, Rachel Middle, Nicole Oppler, Bob Vaughan

Trial By Jury
The Learned Judge – Alaric Barrie
Angelina (the plaintiff) – Rebekah Engeler
Edwin (the defendant) – Robert Felstead
Counsel for the Plaintiff – Nicole Oppler
Usher – Sebastian Junemann
Foreman of the Jury – Tony Blackmore
Chorus of Jurymen, bridesmaids and public – Laura Jamie Anstice-Pim, David Anstice-Pim, Elena Baker, Tony Bannister, Bee Bradley, Ian Cahill, Chris Cann, Juliet Crissell, Laurence Crutchlow, Helena Culliney, Lucy Harrold, Rachel Middle, Jonathan Riches, Ben Turner, Bob Vaughan

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