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The Mikado is coming to Titipu – and he’s furious!

A ruler with a somewhat, shall we say, avant garde approach to crime and punishment, the powerful and wise Mikado has decreed that flirting is a crime punishable by death, and he demands to know if his strict orders have been carried out – or if the citizens have been avoiding the bloodthirsty business of executions altogether. The town risks calamity if he learns they haven’t executed anyone at all in the past year, so a victim must be found – chop chop!

Meanwhile, travelling minstrel Nanki-Poo has fallen in love with fair Yum-Yum. But so has Titipu’s executioner Ko-Ko, who is suddenly feeling a little axe-happy.

The New London Opera Group is thrilled to return to Louth with their first new production of The Mikado – one of Gilbert & Sullivan’s best-loved operas – since the company’s first tour to the Riverhead Theatre in 2004. Relocated to an anarchic Victorian circus, our production is crammed with timeless music, lively action, hilarious satire, and something humorous (but lingering) with either boiling oil or melted lead.

Tickets are on sale now! Book online at the Louth Riverhead Theatre’s website or call 01507 600350.



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